Summertime Maintenance Tips For Your Water Well

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Electric,Water,Pump.automatic,Water,Pumb,System,Which,Use,Electric,PowerAs summer rolls around, many homeowners with water wells rely heavily on this source for their water supply. However, the hot and dry conditions of the season can pose challenges to the functionality and efficiency of your well. To ensure that your water well continues to provide you with a reliable water supply throughout the summer, consider these important maintenance tips.

1. Check the Water Levels

During the summer months, increased demand for water can lead to the depletion of water levels in your well. It’s crucial to monitor the water levels periodically to avoid running your well dry. To check water levels, you can use a water level indicator or consult a professional well contractor who can perform the task for you. If you notice low water levels, use water judiciously or consider implementing water conservation practices to help preserve your well’s supply.

2. Inspect the Wellhead

The wellhead is the visible part of your well, located above the ground. Inspecting the wellhead is an important part of maintaining your well’s functionality. Ensure that the wellhead is free from debris, vegetation, or any other obstructions that could hinder the proper operation of the well. Additionally, check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks, and address them promptly to prevent further problems.

3. Test the Water Quality

Testing the water quality is essential to ensure it remains safe for consumption. Summer can bring about changes in the water’s chemistry due to factors like increased runoff and higher temperatures. Consider having your water tested by a certified laboratory to determine its quality and identify any potential issues. Testing should include checks for bacteria, nitrates, and other common contaminants. Depending on the results, you may need to implement treatment measures or upgrade your well system to address any problems.

4. Maintain the Well Pump

The pump is the heart of your water well system, and proper maintenance is crucial for its smooth operation. Inspect the pump regularly to ensure it is functioning correctly and the pressure gauge is within the recommended range. Note any unusual noises, fluctuations in water pressure, or signs of leaks, as they may indicate pump problems. It’s also important to keep the area around the pump free from debris and well-ventilated to prevent overheating.

5. Protect the Well from Contamination

Protecting your well from contamination is crucial for maintaining the quality of your water supply. Secure the well’s casing and cap to prevent insects, rodents, or any other critters from entering and potentially contaminating the water. Be mindful of the use of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides around the well, as these substances can seep into the groundwater and affect the water quality. Additionally, ensure any nearby septic systems are properly maintained and located at a safe distance from the well.

6. Consider Drought Management

In periods of drought or water scarcity, it’s important to manage your well usage wisely. Implement water conservation practices, such as using low-flow fixtures, fixing any leaks promptly, and practicing smart irrigation techniques. Consider storing water for non-potable uses like watering plants or washing vehicles to reduce strain on your well system. Following these practices will help prolong your well’s water supply during dry spells.

7. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Regular professional maintenance is essential to keep your water well in optimal condition. Consider scheduling an annual inspection by a qualified well contractor. They can assess the entire system, including the well’s components, pump performance, and water quality. Any necessary repairs or replacements can be identified and performed, ensuring that your well remains functional throughout the summer and beyond.


By following these summertime maintenance tips for your water well, you can enjoy a reliable and safe water supply throughout the summer months. Assessing water levels, inspecting the wellhead, testing water quality, and maintaining the pump are all crucial aspects of well care. Additionally, taking precautions to prevent contamination and implementing drought management practices will help safeguard your water supply. Don’t forget to schedule regular professional maintenance to catch any potential problems before they worsen. With proper care, your water well will continue to serve you well even during the hottest months of the year.

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