Well Pump Repair & Installation in Monroe, NC

Your well pump is instrumental in delivering potable water from the source to wherever you need it. Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC is here to make sure it’s always in top working order and that any potential problems with its function are addressed and resolved immediately. We’re the go-to source for well pump repairs and services.

  • Installation: If you’ve just had a new well plumbed and cased, the next step is well pump installation in Monroe, Union County, White Oaks, and Charlotte, NC! Waste no time in calling our team when you’re ready for a submersible to be installed and we’ll make sure it’s put in place perfectly. We’re also on-hand to test and troubleshoot well pump installations to ensure they’re getting off on the right foot.
  • Repair: If your submersible pump encounters issues of an electrical, hydraulic or mechanical nature, we’ll be ready to assess and resolve them. Our techs are familiar with most common pump problems and can quickly provide solutions that get your pump back into full working order.
  • Inspection/diagnostics: Not getting the water pressure you need in your home? Does your well pump shut off sporadically, only to kick back on again and function normally? In addition to well pump repair in Monroe, NC, we also offer inspection and diagnostics, to get to the root of potential problems before they have a chance to affect your water delivery system.Well Pump Installation
  • Emergency services: When your submersible pump stops working, you can’t wait around for someone to eventually get out there and fix it! That’s why we have experienced techs on-call at all times, to deliver emergency repairs and resolutions to you. We’ll have your pump back up and running in no time at all, no matter when it decides to malfunction.

For more information about the full range of well pump repairs, well water testing, and water storage tank repairs we offer or to schedule an appointment for one of our trained professionals to assess the scope of your pump’s function, please contact us today by calling 704-753-1712.