Water Storage Tank Options for the Homeowner

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Water,Supply,System,Of,Community,Area.water,Pipes,And,Water,TankWater storage is essential for homeowners, whether you live in an area prone to drought or simply want to have backup water for emergencies. There are several options available for water storage tanks, each with its own advantages and considerations. In this blog post, we will explore different water storage tank options for homeowners, highlighting their features and helping you make an informed decision for your specific needs.

1. Underground water tanks

Underground water tanks are a popular choice for homeowners looking to maximize space and maintain the aesthetics of their property. These tanks are installed below the ground, either in the yard or underneath a driveway or patio. Underground water tanks effectively save space and allow you to utilize the surface area above for other purposes. They are also less susceptible to temperature fluctuations, which helps to maintain the water’s quality. However, underground tanks can be more expensive to install and may require excavation and professional assistance.

2. Above-ground vertical tanks

Above-ground vertical tanks are another common option for residential water storage. These tanks are typically made of durable materials such as polyethylene or steel and come in various sizes and capacities. They are easy to install and can be placed in garages, basements, or dedicated outdoor areas. The vertical design allows for maximum water capacity in a minimal footprint, making them suitable for homeowners with limited space. These tanks can be more affordable and accessible for self-installation, but they may not be as visually appealing as other options.

3. Rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting systems are an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for water storage. These systems collect rainwater from rooftops and divert it into storage tanks for later use. Rainwater can be used for various purposes, including gardening, irrigation, and even indoor water needs with the appropriate filtration system. Rainwater harvesting reduces reliance on municipal water supplies and helps conserve water resources. However, the amount of rainwater collected depends on the region’s precipitation levels, and additional filtration systems may be required to make the water suitable for drinking or household use.

4. Bladder tanks

Bladder tanks are a flexible and portable option for water storage. These tanks consist of a flexible container that expands as the tank fills with water and contracts as the water is used. Bladder tanks are available in various sizes and can be stored in crawl spaces, basements, garages, or even outdoors. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. However, bladder tanks have a limited capacity compared to other options and may not be suitable for larger water storage needs.

5. Cisterns

Cisterns are large-capacity water storage tanks that can be either above-ground or underground. Traditionally, cisterns were used to collect and store rainwater for household use. Today, they can be used for rainwater harvesting or as a backup water supply. Cisterns are typically made of durable materials such as concrete or metal and can hold significant amounts of water. While they provide ample storage space, cisterns can be expensive to install and may require professional assistance.


Water storage is an essential consideration for homeowners, and there are several options available to meet their specific needs. Underground tanks save space and maintain aesthetics, while above-ground vertical tanks provide easy installation and accessibility. Rainwater harvesting systems offer an eco-friendly solution, while bladder tanks offer flexibility and portability. Cisterns provide large-capacity storage but may be more costly. Before choosing a water storage tank, consider factors such as available space, budget, storage capacity, and the intended use of the water. Ultimately, selecting the right water storage tank will ensure that you have a reliable supply of water for daily use, emergencies, or times when it may not be readily available.

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