The Different Types of Water Wells

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Deep,Water,Well,Set,Up,,Country,Side,Construction.,Drilled,DrawHaving access to a reliable and clean water supply is essential for any household. One popular method of obtaining water is through the installation of a water well. However, not all water wells are the same. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of water wells available, helping you to understand the unique characteristics and benefits of each option.

1. Dug Wells

Dug wells, also known as shallow wells, are one of the most straightforward and commonly used types of water wells. These wells are manually dug into the ground until they reach the water table, which is typically found within 25 feet. Dug wells are often lined with bricks, stones, or concrete walls to prevent collapse. While these wells are relatively easy to construct and maintain, they are more susceptible to contamination from surface water, making regular testing and treatment essential.

2. Driven Wells

Driven wells are similar to dug wells in terms of depth but are constructed differently. Instead of manual digging, driven wells are created by using a pipe or casing that is forcefully driven into the ground using a heavy hammer or machine. The water is extracted through a shallow well pump installed within the casing. Driven wells are cost-effective and can provide access to water within 30 feet. However, they are also vulnerable to contamination and may require continuous monitoring and maintenance.

3. Drilled Wells

Drilled wells are typically deeper and offer a more reliable source of water. These wells are created using a drilling rig that can penetrate various types of soil and rock formations. Drilled wells can reach depths of hundreds or even thousands of feet, providing access to water from deep underground aquifers. Due to their depth, drilled wells are less prone to contamination, making them a safer option for a clean water supply. However, the drilling process is more complex and can require specialized equipment and professional expertise.

4. Artesian Wells

Artesian wells are unique in that they rely on natural pressure to bring water to the surface. This type of well is created when a confined aquifer is tapped into, allowing the water to rise above the ground level without the need for pumping. The pressure in an artesian well is created by the weight of the water in an underground formation that is located between layers of impermeable rock or clay. Artesian wells provide a continuous flow of water that does not require additional energy or pumping equipment. However, access to artesian wells may be limited to specific geological regions.

5. Driven Point Wells

Driven point wells, also known as sand point or well point wells, are a cost-effective option for shallow water sources. These wells are constructed with a small-diameter pipe with a screened tip that is driven into the ground through the use of a driving tool. Driven point wells are suitable for accessing water within 25 feet and are commonly used for household purposes, such as lawn irrigation or non-potable water. However, they may be more prone to contamination and require regular monitoring and maintenance.


Choosing the right type of water well for your property is crucial for ensuring a reliable and safe water supply. Dug wells, driven wells, drilled wells, artesian wells, and driven point wells all have unique characteristics and benefits. Understanding the different types of water wells available can help you make an informed decision that suits your specific needs and geological conditions. Remember to consider factors such as water depth, contamination risks, and long-term maintenance requirements when selecting the best water well option for your property.

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