The Different Types of Water Storage Tanks

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Water is more than a valuable commodity. It is also necessary for basic survival. That is why the storage of water is so essential, and a reason why there are so many different types of water tanks.

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From specialized water tanks and standard water storage tanks to large-capacity tanks, these tanks meet different needs and serve various purposes. Here is a look at a few of the more common water tanks used today.

Carbon Welded Steel Water Storage Tanks

Defined by the strength and durability you would expect from steel, these water tanks are also popular and versatile. They are often used in construction roles, fire protection, and potable water use, among other applications.

Underground Fiberglass Water Storage Tanks

Among the different types of water tanks, underground fiberglass tanks are one of the most favored by commercial industries. That is because these durable tanks are non-corrosive, save considerable space (hence being underground), and are used for storing stormwater, potable water, wastewater, and more.

Folding Tanks

Among the most versatile of all the water tanks, the folding water tank is also very portable when it is collapsed for transport or not in use. That also makes this tank good for emergency irrigation or water needs, such as fire department resources.

Pillow Tanks

Don’t let the soft name fool you, because these popular water tanks also hold their own. In addition to being customizable and holding anywhere from a little water to 20,000 gallons, these tanks are also more affordable than many of their counterparts. Pillow tanks are commonly used for purposes like potable water and wastewater needs.

Bolted Steel Water Storage Tanks

The granddaddy of them all, these tanks are designed for massive water storage. If the job is storing millions of gallons of water, then there is one water storage tank for the task; bolted steel water storage tanks. Watertight, these tanks can also store other liquids in addition to water too.

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