What Are the Benefits of Water Storage Tanks?

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A reliable water supply is imperative in any survival situation, especially during emergencies like hurricanes and power outages. If you don’t have access to a well or other source of safe drinking water after a storm, having a reliable storage tank with a reserve can be the difference between life and death.

What are the benefits of water storage tanks, and how can water storage tanks benefit my home? In this article, we will explore just some of the benefits of water storage tanks, from protecting your family’s drinking water supply to safeguarding your property during natural disasters. 

Protects Your Home From Water Intrusion

If flooding or other water problems have damaged your home’s foundation or other exterior walls, your water supply system could be in danger. A water storage tank can be a great solution to this problem, serving as a barrier between the water supply and the outside walls. If a storm causes flooding, the water will stay inside the tank until it naturally drains. Some of the most common causes of water intrusion include faulty plumbing, leaks in your roof and walls, and failure in the water supply system. 

Provides Safe Drinking Water

The most important benefit of a water storage tank is that it protects your home from the risk of losing drinking water. The fact that water is essential for all life makes it an important asset. A water storage tank protects your drinking water with several layers of protection. The water inside a storage tank is clean and safe to drink without any chemicals being added. 

Emergency Supply of Fresh Water for Humans and Pets

If you have a water storage tank, you will also have an emergency source of fresh water for humans and pets. For example, if your town experiences a severe storm or other flood and your water supply is damaged, you will have access to emergency drinking water for you and your family. If you have pets, a water storage tank can help provide safe drinking water for them as well. 

Helps Maintain Property Value During Emergencies

A water storage tank can also help maintain your property’s value during emergencies. During times of stress in the real estate market, many people worry that they can sell their homes as quickly as they normally would. Because of this, many people choose to invest in things like home security systems and other features that will maintain the property’s value during normal times. However, during times of emergency, a water storage tank can come in handy. 

Other Benefits of Having a Storage Tank

There are many other benefits to having a water storage tank as well. They include filling up your tank during normal times and using your tank as a water source during power outages. When your local water plant is shut down during a natural disaster, you can still get water from your storage tank. Storage tanks like this can last for decades before needing to be replaced. This means that you will not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon, as it is simply a matter of when it will need servicing. 


A water storage tank can help ensure that your family has clean water in an emergency and maintain your property’s value during a period of economic stress. All of these reasons make having a water storage tank an important part of your disaster preparedness plan. For well services and other water-related services, consult Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC.

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