Should I Get a Water Well for My Home?

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About 23 million homes across America have water wells, and more people join those ranks annually. It might seem outdated and old-fashioned to have a well, but the water well industry is thriving because Americans have now recognized the importance of having a backyard well. Here is what you need to know about water well for your home.

Should I Purchase a Water Well For My Home? 

Here are the reasons why you should purchase a water well for your home:

Better, Softer, Healthier

Well water comes from the aquifer underground, instead of surface or run-off water. Therefore, it tends to be fresher and cleaner. Also, it contains natural materials that soften and improve its quality.   

Financial Benefits

You can reduce your water bills by getting a water well for your home. Luckily, there are many cities, national, and federal tax credits that help lower the cost of installation. Water well saves money by eliminating a recurring water bill or going to the store to purchase water.

Having a reliable and unlimited water supply for laundry, showers, and meal preparations at home is a bonus for your family. After the initial digging and installation, the water pumped from the ground into your home is FREE! There are no hidden charges, no monthly bills, no rising costs, and no municipal fees.

Well Water Is Reliable

A water well is drilled easily and near your apartment, unlike city water which travels several miles to reach your home. Traveling so far is expensive and depends on your municipal’s infrastructure. You keep worrying about pesky interruptions in supply services that aren’t in your control. With a well, your water and access belong only to you!

Types of Wells           

Here are the three main types of wells:

1. Dug or Bored Wells

Dug or bored wells are constructed using a shovel or backhoe. They’re typically shallow and extend only about 15 to 35 feet with a large diameter. Plus, they have a casing, but it isn’t typically continuous. Due to their casing and shallowness, these wells are more prone to contamination than driven wells.

2. Driven Wells

Driven wells are constructed by driving pipes underneath. The water is drawn from the aquifer underground. They use continuous casing, though relatively shallow, extending about 35 to 55 feet underneath. Driven wells are also more prone to contamination because they’re shallow.

3. Drilled Wells

Typically, drilled wells extend thousands of feet underground and have a continuous lining to prevent collapse. The casing consists of tile, bricks, and other solid materials. If you need to purchase a water well for your home, this is the type to go for. The presence of casing and depth of the well prevent bacterial contamination.

Well Water Is Good For You

Hopefully, you now understand what are the benefits of a water well for home. Water well drilling shouldn’t be a hassle either! Contact us today for professional water well pump and tank installation and testing services.  




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