How Do I Maintain My Water Well?

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If you have moved out to the country to get away from urban sprawl, you may have found yourself a proud owner of a water well for the first time. Or, maybe you have relied on water wells for the majority of your life. Either way, you may be asking, “How do I maintain my water well?” There are several tips you can follow to maintain it.

Tips To Maintain Your Water Well

Several tips can help homeowners understand what to know when maintaining a water well:

Avoid Servicing Your Own Well

It is common for many well owners to try and service their own wells and end up failing to solve the issue, or they end up making it worse. Call in a professional water well system contractor since they use specialized materials, equipment, and techniques to keep well systems working how they are supposed to. Additionally, any time you remove a well cap, you can potentially introduce bacteria and other contamination into your well. You also risk dropping objects into your well and getting them stuck. The bottom line is to contact a professional to take care of any type of service for your well.

Preventive Maintenance Saves You Money

It is only natural to try and find ways to save money, especially if you own a private well. However, when you choose to go that route, a small problem that could have been easily fixed can turn into a much more expensive problem. It is recommended that you have your well checked every two to three years to ensure things continue to run smoothly.

Do Your Research Before Getting Your Well System Serviced

When a professional is conducting a well-maintenance check-up, they should include:

  • A flow test to look for the system output. They should also check the water level, pump motor performance, and more.
  • Inspect all well equipment to make sure that it is sanitary.
  • Test your water for E. coli and coliform bacteria at least three times a year.

Hire Qualified Professionals

It is recommended that you only hire a qualified water well systems contractor. Make sure that you hire a licensed contractor to do the work for you. Verify that the contractor is certified. Additionally, you want to ensure that the contractor has adequate equipment, liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you.

Understand the Issue

When you need to service your well, make sure that you have the contractor explain the problem to you so that you can understand it. Additionally, you can talk about the options for solving your problem. It is common for well owners to get frustrated if they don’t understand how the well system works. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need until you are satisfied.

Prior to Testing Water, Test to Ensure It Is Clean

Many homeowners make the mistake of not testing their well water before using it to make sure that the well system is clean. This means you should conduct a sample tap. You must first flush your pressure tank before sampling. Testing water from a dirty well can cause false positives.

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