How To Maintain Your Well in the Summer?

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Maintaining your well in the summer helps run your plumbing system smoothly. Plus, it keeps your water source safe for use. Ignoring routine water maintenance can lead to negative consequences such as stale or contaminated water.

This summer, Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC recommends these maintenance tasks to keep your well safe and healthy.

Test Your Water for Contamination 

Have your water tested annually, and summer is the right time to schedule a quality test with us. We test your water for any signs of contamination that might result from nitrates or bacteria. If you notice any change in your water quality, contact us immediately.

Flush Out Old or Stale Water

Old water can absorb smells and tastes from nearby soil and rocks. This causes smelly or stale water. If your water has been underused or unused, we recommend you flush out the old water.

Turn on your faucets and taps and allow the water to jet out. This flushes any water that has been left in your pipes. After that, do a quality check on your water to ensure you have flushed out all the stale water.

Open Up the Well 

If a well isn’t used for a long time, the water might pick up unpleasant smells and tastes from nearby rocks and soil. So, turn on every faucet and tap for five minutes. This removes the stagnant water in the pressure tank and pipes and flushes the well. 

If the water quality is still poor, you might have to run the water longer to drain all the old water and pump in new water. 

Close the Well Properly

Ensure you close your well properly as you leave the summer house. This helps prevent leaking, contamination, and frozen plumbing during the winter. Turn off the electricity and the main valve at the water pump. 

If you live in areas with freezing temperatures, drain all the water in the pipes after turning off the main water line. You can contact our well pump experts right away if you cannot close your well safely. 

Clean Up Any Contaminants 

You shouldn’t allow any contaminants near your well, but if there are some, summer is the best time to get it cleaned up professionally. Be sure to store chemicals like fertilizer and paint securely far away from the well. 

Importantly, confirm that all caps are undamaged and securely placed. 

Schedule Regular Well Maintenance

You might overestimate the water system’s capacity without professional support and guidance. Using more water than the pump system can handle might damage the structures of the well. 

Schedule regular well and pump maintenance services with us. We thoroughly inspect the entire system for any damage. This is important for summer homes where water quality and water flow are impacted by extended downtime. 

Water Well Company in Monroe, NC

At Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC, we are dedicated to offering you reliable summer well maintenance services for safe and clean water. Also, contact us today for top-notch well pump repair services in Monroe, NC. 




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