Five Benefits of Owning Your Own Water Well

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Owning a water well is a necessity for millions of rural homeowners who don’t have access to a municipal water system—but just because wells require a little bit of maintenance doesn’t mean they’re a pain to have.

In fact, there are tons of reasons to own a water well.

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No dependence on the city

The top benefit of owning a well is that you’re no longer dependent on a municipal water source. Sure, having city water is convenient, but if that water source becomes contaminated, everyone who relies on that source is in trouble.

Local pollution isn’t an issue when you have your own well. In fact, you can continue to use your well water even if a nearby source somehow becomes contaminated.

Save money

Another great reason to own a well is that they help keep more money in your pocket. With a well, there’s no monthly water bill from the city. You simply turn your pump on and pump fresh water directly from the well into your home.

Keep in mind that wells do have some upkeep costs, but these costs are much lower than paying a water bill each month for the rest of your life.

Improve your health

Municipal water treatment facilities will often remove vital natural minerals from water during the treatment process. Going without these minerals won’t necessarily make you unhealthy, but it certainly doesn’t help. When we’re asked about the benefits of owning a water well, we say that well water still has all of those natural minerals.

By ingesting all of the natural minerals in well water, you may notice better looking skin, healthier hair, increased brain function and much more.

Better-tasting water

The treatment solutions used in municipal water systems can often leave a strange taste in the water. It’s not uncommon for city dwellers to buy bottled water for drinking and only use their tap water for showers and household chores. Because wells have a natural filter, you won’t have funny-tasting water.

Increase property value

Our customers often ask if having a water well can increase the value of a home. The answer is usually yes. Potential buyers want to reap all of the benefits we’ve mentioned above. In order for the well to raise your home’s value, it must be kept in good condition.

Be sure to hire a professional for regular maintenance, and make repairs on time—especially if you’re planning on selling your home soon.

See what our team can do for you and your well

Whether you need a team to make repairs or drill a new well for you, contact our team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. We offer a wide variety of well services, and we’re committed to helping our customers save as much money as possible. Contact us today to get your quote or ask more questions like, “Can having a water well increase the value of a home?”

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