Three Signs Your Well Pump Is Going Out

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When you rely on a well for access to clean, potable water, you need to keep a sharp eye on your well pump. Recognizing the signs that your well pump is about to fail can help you save money on well pump repair costs—and is a good reminder to keep up on your regular pump maintenance. Here’s how to tell that a well pump repair or replacement might be in your future.

Your well pump is constantly running

When your well pump is having trouble meeting household demands, it may run continuously. Not only is this wasteful, but it puts a great deal of wear and tear on your well pump. If it’s not already on its way out, this will exacerbate the problem.

Not sure if the well pump is constantly running? Check the pressure switch. If it’s turning on and off frequently, your well pump is running too often. Another clue: your electricity bill has spiked recently.

You notice low water pressure or “spitting”

If you turn on the tap only to get a trickle of water—or the water comes out in spurts, as if it were spitting—your well pump may be having issues. This can be caused by serious drought or a spent well, too. If there’s no environmental reason that the water levels might be too low, this is a strong sign your pump is going out.

There’s no running water

No running water is the most obvious sign that there’s something wrong with your well pump. Unless there’s a drought in your area, this is your cue to turn off your well pump immediately and call a well pump maintenance and repair contractor.

How to tell what’s wrong with your pump

Even if you notice the signs above, your well pump may not actually be in its death throes. There are three other things that might be to blame:

  • Plumbing problems: The signs of a well pump problem can also be the signs that you’re having a serious plumbing issue. Major clogs and broken pipes will interfere with your water pressure and can cause the pump to work overtime. Look for pooling in your yard or around your home, and turn off your pump immediately.
  • Pressure tank: Your well relies on a pressure tank to store water for when you need it next. If the pressure isn’t at the right level, the tank won’t be able to push the water through the pipes and into your home. Check the tank gauge: it should read at least 20 psi. If it’s lower than that (or at zero), call a repair contractor as soon as possible.
  • Power failure: Finally, you might be having power issues. If the circuit going to your well pump has flipped, flip it again and monitor carefully. It could be a one-time issue, or you may need electric pump repair.

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