What Is Iron Bacteria?

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If you’re one of the 45 million Americans who get their water from a private well, you’ve probably come to enjoy the taste—and the lack of a monthly water bill. One thing you probably don’t like, though, is the possibility of contaminants entering your water supply.

One of the more common contaminants in well water is iron bacteria in Monroe, NC. These microorganisms occur naturally in our groundwater and get their energy from iron. While they aren’t harmful to our health, iron bacteria can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Continue reading to learn more about these pests.

Why are iron bacteria a problem?

As iron bacteria consume iron, they produce a reddish-brown slime on well pipes, pumps and plumbing fixtures. Over time, this slimy iron buildup in Monroe, NC can cause nasty clogs and lead to malfunctioning plumbing systems. Although the iron bacteria themselves aren’t harmful to humans, they can create water conditions that foster the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms, like coliform bacteria.

How do I know if I have iron bacteria?

The first sign of iron bacteria is often the presence of the sticky slime mentioned above. You may see the slime on the toilet tank, filters or on the inside of your well casing. Although it’s often a rusty-red hue, it can also be yellow, brown or even gray.

You may also see and taste a change in your water. Iron bacteria can turn the water yellow, orange or red and give it an oily sheen. The water may also taste swampy, musty or like rotten vegetation if there’s a high concentration of iron bacteria.

While these signs all indicate iron bacteria, we advise homeowners to get a water test. A professional water test will give definitive results regarding the presence and concentration of the bacteria.

Combatting iron bacteria

The good news is that there are several methods for dealing with iron bacteria in Monroe, NC. Taking these measures should solve your iron bacteria problem once and for all:

  • Physical removal: The first step in getting rid of iron bacteria is cleaning your well casing and pumping equipment. After scrubbing everything down, your contractor will treat it with a chemical solution to prevent the bacteria from coming back.
  • Chemical treatment: Disinfectants, surfactants and acids can also be used to remove iron bacteria. Regardless of what you read online, only trained professionals should use these powerful chemicals to remove iron bacteria. Misuse could cause even bigger problems for your water supply!
  • Pasteurization: If nothing else works, a professional can pasteurize your well to eliminate all iron bacteria (and many other contaminants). During this procedure, your pro will inject hot water into your well and keep it at a temperature of 140 degrees for 30 minutes.

How can Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC help?

If you’ve noticed iron buildup in Monroe, NC or if you want to ensure you never have problems with iron bacteria, contact Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. We’re experts in both testing for iron bacteria and treating water problems with sanitation systems. Call today to get a free quote for our services.

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