What You Need to Know About Maintaining a Clean Water Supply

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Many of us take our drinking water for granted. While there are some cases of widespread water pollution in the U.S., Americans are fortunate enough to have clean drinking water on-demand any time we turn on the faucet. That’s not the case in many other parts of the world, where clean water is difficult or even impossible to come by.

If you live in a city, you can thank the local government for handling water sanitization. But, if you live out in a rural area and have well water, there’s no safeguard against harmful pollutants that can contaminate your water.

Continue reading to learn how to ensure you always have a clean water supply in Monroe, NC.

How does water pollution occur?

Before we get too deep into maintaining clean water, it’s important to understand how our water becomes polluted. Sadly, water can become contaminated from a variety of sources, including chemical runoff, landfills, leaking septic systems and airborne pollutants. If you get your water from a well, contamination from the septic system is one of the most likely sources.

But regardless of where the contamination comes from, water pollution is nothing to ignore. Drinking unclean water can result in a variety of illnesses or even death.

How to maintain clean water at home

The good news is that maintaining a clean water supply in Monroe, NC is fairly easy—as long as you’re vigilant. Follow these tips and your water will always be safe to consume:

  • Get a water test: The first step in ensuring you have clean water is having it tested by a professional. Even if your water smells, tastes and looks normal, water testing in Monroe, NC can uncover nasty microbes or other contaminants that could make you sick. Well owners should have their water tested at least once a year to be safe.
  • Install a purification system: Your best bet for defending against any pollutants is to install a water purification system at your home. UV filtration, arsenic filters and reverse osmosis systems are just a few of the systems that can remove all harmful contaminants from your water.
  • Maintain your plumbing: Unless you live in a very old home, your pipes likely aren’t made from harmful lead—but you’re still not in the clear. Problems with even updated plumbing systems can result in compromised water quality. We recommend scheduling yearly maintenance calls with your plumber to ensure your pipes are in pristine condition.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaners: Doing laundry, washing the dishes or cleaning up around the house can have a negative impact on your groundwater if you’re not careful. Soaps and cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals can contaminate your groundwater and damage your septic system. So always be on the lookout for “green” cleaners when you’re at the store.

Have your water tested today!

If it’s been a while since you’ve had water testing in Monroe, NC, then call our team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. We guarantee the accuracy of our test results, and we can also install purification systems if your water isn’t as clean as it needs to be.

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