What Happens When a Well Needs to Be Taken Out of Service?

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If you have a well on your property that you no longer need, you might think that you can simply walk away from the well and never worry about it again. The reality is that when water wells are improperly abandoned, they create a serious liability for property owners. To protect the safety and wellbeing of anyone using the property, you need to take special steps to properly seal abandoned water wells. Here’s what you need to know about proper well abandonment in Monroe, NC.

Why do you need to plug an abandoned well?

The main reason to stick to proper well abandonment guidelines at your Monroe, NC property is because water wells can be a hazard to your entire community. Improperly abandoned wells have the potential to cause the following problems:

  • Safety hazards: It’s not uncommon for people to fall into improperly abandoned wells. There are many reports of these instances each year. Sealing a well is a crucial step in making your property safe for people to navigate.
  • Health hazards: Gas can travel through an abandoned well shaft and can seep into the underground aquifers used for drinking water by the public. Seal the well shaft to keep your community’s drinking water safe for consumption.
  • Environmental hazards: Abandoned wells often encourage the dumping of illegal wastes. There’s also the potential for deteriorated pipes to allow movement of water previously separated by aquifers, seriously compromising water quality in the area.

What are the steps to plugging an abandoned well?

It takes the help of a trained professional to make sure your well has been safely put out of service. Here’s what a thorough well abandonment process will look like:

  1. All obstructions and equipment must be removed from the well. Take out all pumps, drop-pipes, pump rods, packers, wire and check valves. Rely on the knowledge and experience of a registered well drilling contractor to make sure this task is completed the right way.
  2. The amount of plugging material required for the well is calculated by measuring the depth and diameter of the well. Different types of wells require different plugging methods, and your technician will be able to determine what’s best for your situation.
  3. The technician will use the required plugging material to seal the well.
  4. Within 60 days of completion of the plugging process, an Abandoned Well Plugging Record should be submitted to the local health department, the well owner and the state.

Whether you’re moving to a new property with an improperly abandoned well, or you wish to decommission a well on your current property, you need to follow health and safety guidelines carefully. It takes a lot more than simply filling your well with a plugging material. You need the help of a registered well contractor to make sure all local health and state guidelines are followed during the well abandonment process at your Monroe, NC property. Contact Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC today to learn more about what it takes to properly abandon a well and keep your property—and your community—safe.

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