What Maintenance Does a Well Need?

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Many people in North Carolina rely on wells for water. Wells are a safe and delicious source of fresh water, but if you rely on a well, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance to make sure your water is safe and healthy for you and your family. Here are some important ways to keep up with well maintenance in Monroe, NC.

Keep up with inspections

If you have a well, you should be having it inspected for mechanical problems, cleanliness and the presence of certain contaminants at least once a year. You should test to make sure contaminants like coliform bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, arsenic, radon and more are not present in your well water. If you find any contaminants like arsenic and radon in your well water, which would be of concern to others in your community, you should report them.

Watch the water

If you notice a change in the taste, appearance or smell of your well water, you should get it tested more urgently than your annual inspection. Likewise, if you or anyone in your family or visitors experiences negative symptoms of gastrointestinal illness after consuming your water, it’s responsible to get it tested.

Make sure the well is structurally sound

If you’re new to owning a well, or you’re building a new one, you should be sure to consult a professional contractor to make sure that your well is safely separated from your home, any waste systems and from chemical storage facilities. You should also make sure that the top of your well is at least a foot above the ground and the well cover is sound and undamaged.

Keep contaminants away

If you’re dealing with any chemicals like paint, fertilizer, pesticides or motor oil, make sure you keep them as far away as possible from your well. If you’re mixing any of these or other chemicals with water in your yard, make sure you never put a hose into a mixing container. If you do, you might siphon chemicals into your household’s water system.

Well rehabilitation

If you get your well tested and find out it’s contaminated, don’t panic. There’s a lot that can be done for contaminated wells to remove harmful contaminants and chemicals, and to make the well water safe, healthy and drinkable again.

Don’t wait to take care of your well

While it’s not an exciting way to spend your time, scheduling proper well maintenance and inspections in North Carolina is extremely important. Your drinking water is nothing to mess around with. If you live in Monroe, NC and have a well that needs to be inspected, contact the professionals at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC today. We employ experts who can drill and install high-quality wells, and also offer full repair services and well rehabilitation. If your well is contaminated or damaged, we can rehabilitate it no matter the level of contamination. We will provide solutions that fully restore the well to working order. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

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