Watch Out for These Signs of Water Well Contamination

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Many homeowners living in Monroe, NC derive their water supply from wells. While there are benefits to using a private water source, they require annual water quality tests from experienced water well contractors. Neglected water wells harbor chemicals and minerals that are dangerous in high amounts. Below are just a few signs of water well contamination.

Foggy water and stained appliances

Homeowners who draw water from wells should be concerned if a glass of water appears white and foggy before settling. Water that’s opaque is a sign of dirt, clay or rust contamination. Your well water collects these contaminants by washing over them underground or running through corroded pipe lines.

Over time, you might also notice green or brown stains on household appliances that use water. Green stains on faucets and sinks betray the presence of acidic minerals like iron, copper and zinc. These minerals are relatively harmless in small amounts, but brown stains are a warning sign of more dangerously high levels of iron. Avoid potential health risks by having an experienced water well contractor in Monroe, NC test your water quality.

Salty, metallic or soapy taste

You know well water is contaminated when it has an unpleasant taste. In addition to green or brown stains, water that tastes like pennies is another sign of acidic contaminants. Homeowners who drink acidic tap water on a regular basis might also experience gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and stomach cramps.

If the tap water tastes soapy, it’s not because your glasses didn’t get a good rinse. A soapy taste is associated with high levels of alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate. Consult an experienced water well contractor in Monroe, NC right away, because excessive alkaline can throw off your body’s natural pH levels.

Beware of well water that tastes salty, too. Salt occurs naturally underground, but runoff might carry fertilizer into your water supply. Fertilizer breaks down into sodium and chloride when it mixes with water, and chloride will eventually corrode your plumbing system.

Chemical or rotten egg smell

Some chemicals like chlorine are used for water treatment because they kill bacteria and are harmless in small amounts. However, well water that smells or tastes like a swimming pool isn’t a good sign. Long-term exposure to chlorine in drinking water might lead to severe health consequences like birth defects or cancer.

Finally, it’s obvious that rotten eggs are a foul odor, and your well water shouldn’t smell this way! As you might’ve guessed, a rotten egg stench means sulfur is lingering in your well. Sulfur develops naturally underground as a byproduct of chemical reactions between soil and permeable rock. However, sulfur can transform into hydrogen sulfide gas and become a detriment to your health.

The signs of well water contamination shouldn’t be ignored. Water that gives off a foul odor or taste is not only unpleasant, but destroys pipes and leads to dangerous health conditions. Keep your family safe from toxic chemicals by scheduling a water quality test with Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. If you’ve experienced signs of water contamination, send a quick message to learn how our contractors can purify your water.

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