What Size Pressure Tank Is Best for My Well?

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Having the right size pressure tank is critical to your well pump’s performance. Pressure tanks come in a variety of sizes, and not all will work in every well. Your needs will vary based on the type of well you own, as well as its depth, location, desired water usage and the type of pump you have.

Do you know what size pressure tank you need for your well in Monroe, NC? Read on to learn more about what your pressure tank does and how to choose the right size.

What is a pressure tank?

Your pressure tank acts as a buffer between the well pump and your faucets. It holds multiple gallons of water (depending on size) in a pressurized tank, so that the water is ready to go whenever you turn on a faucet.

If your well pump had to kick on and draw water every time you turned on the tap, it would quickly wear out. Instead, the well pump turns on when the water in the pressure tank gets too low—for example, if you fill up the bathtub, that will likely empty your pressure tank. Then the well pump will turn on and start pumping water into the pressure tank, so it will be available the next time you need running water.

Your pressure tank works by using compressed air to push the water into your home. The tank has a “bladder,” which separates the water from the air (otherwise, you’d get air in the plumbing). The tank fills up with water and compresses the air in the air chamber. When the faucet comes on, the pressurized air pushes it out.

How to choose the right size pressure tank

There are three things you need to determine first: your pump’s flow rate, its minimum runtime and your pressure switch setting.

Your pump’s flow rate is the number of gallons per minute your pump can produce. Next, find out your pump’s minimum runtime. By multiplying the flow rate by the minimum runtime, you can estimate drawdown capacity. For example, if you have a five gallon per minute flow rate and a minimum runtime of one minute, you have a five gallon drawdown capacity.

Finally, the pressure switch setting determines the air pressure that causes the tank to fill up, and the pressure that turns it off. This comes in three settings: 20/40, 30/50 and 40/60. Your pump manufacturer usually includes a chart that will describe your drawdown capacity based on the pressure switch setting.

Once you know these factors, you’ll be able to choose a pressure tank that’s right for your home’s or business’s water usage. In some cases, you may need multiple pressure tanks to keep up with demand.

If you have questions about how to size your pressure tank in Monroe, NC, reach out to the experts at Love Well Pump & Supply, LLC. We’d be happy to help provide you with quality supplies and figure out which options are right for your needs.

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