Easy Steps for Properly Maintaining Your Well

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Water wells make a fantastic project for homeowners who strive to be self-sustaining. The tricky part is knowing how to properly install and maintain it. Below are a few things residents of Monroe, NC should keep in mind before scheduling a water well installation project. Remember, you can always reach out to your local water well service with additional questions!

Prevent water contamination

Contaminants can be found anywhere on your property and might leak into the water supply. The herbicides and fertilizer on your lawn is carried away by runoff water that eventually returns underground. Toxic chemicals are also present in common household substances like paint and motor oil. Homeowners who raise livestock should be aware of how organic waste makes its way into their water supply, as well.

One simply way to avoid water contamination is to keep chemicals at least 100 feet away from the water well. Don’t use herbicides or fertilizer on vegetation immediately surrounding the well, because these chemicals will seep into its underground water source. If you need to dilute a toxic substance, don’t allow the hose to make direct contact with tanks housing the chemicals.

Pick a good location for the well

Water wells situated at the bottom of a hill are difficult to maintain. Due to the natural flow of gravity, such water wells receive heavy amounts of runoff water that may contain chemicals and waste from livestock. If you’re looking to build a new water well, choose the highest point on your property, where runoff flows away from the well instead of towards it.

Consider the infrastructure surrounding your property. Steer clear of putting a new water well next to septic fields, driveways or refuse piles. Even if there’s minimal risk of contamination from runoff water, chemicals and bacteria can easily make their way into the ground. The best way to pick a good location is by consulting your local water well service provider in Monroe, NC. They’ll survey the landscape for locations that will deliver safe water supply.

Follow construction guidelines

In order to function properly, a water well must follow the construction protocols outlined by your local water well service. Every well needs a watertight cover to prevent bugs, wild animals and pollutants from contaminating the water. The well cover must sit at least one foot above ground level, and dirt has to be mounded around the well’s edge so runoff can’t enter.

Your water well must also run deep enough underground. Shallow wells draw water from the unconfined aquifer, which is a layer of permeable rock that holds ground water. Unconfined aquifers aren’t covered with clay or silt, making them susceptible to contamination. The contractor installing your well in Monroe, NC will make sure it’s at least 50 feet deep and reaches uncontaminated water sources.

Let’s say previous homeowners passed their poorly installed water well along to you. That doesn’t mean you have to seal it off and start a new one. You can count on the contractors at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC for water quality testing and biannual maintenance checks. Our team offers a full range of services so you can get the most out of your water well. Reach out to us to learn more!

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