Warning Signs Your Well Is in Trouble

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For a lot of North Carolina homeowners, the water well is one of the lifelines into their home. Without a properly-functioning water well, your home would be forced to do without clean water for cleaning, drinking, cooking and bathing. On most days, you probably don’t worry much about the state of your well. Of course, when things are off-kilter in your well, it’s essential to understand the telltale signs that you need to call the pros for water well services in Monroe, NC.

Worried there’s something wrong with your well? Here’s what to look for!

Pumping air

Ideally, when you turn on your faucet or any other water fixture, you will get a steady supply of fresh running water. When you turn on your tap and get a loud, unruly blast of water and air mixed together, you could have problems with your pump sucking in air.

Pumping sediment

Air isn’t the only thing that might invade your home against your will. When the water level in your water well sinks too low, your pump will sink along with it. As it nears the bottom of your well, the odds increase that the pump will draw in the silt, sand and sediment that have settled on the floor of your well.

Diminished water quality

On a good day, you’d be hard pressed to find a better glass of water than one that comes from a ground well. If your home’s water develops a strange taste or it turns any color other than clear, it’s a good idea to call in the pros to diagnose your problem.

Varying pressure

When your pump begins to break down at the end of its lifespan, it will have a tougher time pumping water up the entire length of the well. This will result in low water pressure. If you have a pressure tank in your well system, wildly varying water pressure could signal that something is wrong in the well pressure tank. In either case, the smart move is to enlist the help of qualified water well services in Monroe, NC.

Soaring utility bills

One of the most commonly overlooked warning signs that your well is failing is an increase in your utility bills. If your water pump is clogged or running out of steam, it will need to use more and more electricity to maintain the status quo. That will translate to higher monthly electric bills for you.

Come to the best

You won’t find a better team to provide water well services in Monroe, NC and the surrounding area. Since 1967, Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC has offered inspections, repair and service for numerous residential, commercial and agricultural clients. When you put your trust in our team, you can expect extraordinary customer service from day one.

Our professional technicians are proud to offer free estimates and water tests to our valued clients. Let Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC solve your well issues today—give us a call to schedule service!

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