Keys to Improving the Life Expectancy of Your Water Well

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Water well improvements in Monroe, NC are typically a significant investment. Once you’ve made this investment, you want to get a good return. This requires taking steps to extend the life expectancy of your well.

Fortunately, many of these steps are quite simple. With just a little effort, you can create a longer water well life expectancy in Monroe, NC. Use the following tips:

  • Install check valves: Place check valves every 250 feet in your well. If your well is shallow, you should still use at least one check valve. These valves protect the pump by reducing its workload. This, in turn, extends the water well life expectancy in Monroe, NC.
  • Use a low water cutoff: Installing a low water cutoff protects your pump motor from overheating if the level of the water ever drops.
  • Regulate cycling: Use a smart tank to reduce the cycling rate of your system. Several components are available that can help with this reduction.
  • Check the temperature: Monitor your pump for heat. If it is hot to the touch, or it is using high levels of amperage while it is running, the pump may have a wiring issue. If you suspect it is overdrawing power or overheating, contact a professional as soon as possible for repairs.
  • Run proper voltage: Always check the voltage range of your pump’s motor. Make sure you are running the pump within 10 percent of the manufacturer’s recommended voltage to avoid damage.
  • Proper installation: When the well pump is installed, it must be placed an appropriate distance from the bottom to avoid drawing debris into the pump. Consult with a professional to ensure proper installation of your components.
  • Secure pipes: When the pump motor starts, it can cause shifting in the pump and pipes if they are not properly secured. To prevent twisting and other damage, always make sure the entire system is mounted securely.
  • Schedule maintenance: Your pump requires proper maintenance to improve water well life expectancy in Monroe, NC. Schedule regular inspections and service for your pump. A technician can replace internal parts as necessary to keep your pump running smoothly and extend its lifespan.
  • Lubricate the pump: If your pump motor is above ground, it will require periodic lubrication. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for this maintenance, and always use the recommended oil type.
  • Use a filter: In some cases, above-ground water pumps can benefit from a sediment filter. This will protect your pump from debris, to increase its lifespan.
  • Treat your water: If your water supply has a high chemical content, it can cause corrosion of your system over time. Treating your water to remove pollutants can help prevent this corrosion and increase the longevity of your pump.
  • Reduce the workload: When you place a heavy workload on your pump, this obviously puts a greater strain on your system. Keep this in mind as you complete day-to-day activities. Try not to run multiple appliances, take showers and fill the pool all at the same time.
  • Check for leaks: Monitor your system for leaks. If you notice air in faucets or low water pressure, these could be signs of leaks. Repair these right away to avoid excessive pump operation, which will shorten the lifespan of the system.

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