Everyone Should Practice Good Groundwater Awareness!

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In case you missed it, National Groundwater Awareness Week took place from March 8-14. This awareness week occurs every year to shine a light on one of the world’s most important natural resources: water brought up from the ground. This is the most extracted resource in the world (yes, even more than oil), and it is crucial to the support of ecosystems all over the planet.

The idea behind National Groundwater Awareness Week is to make sure people don’t take their groundwater and its quality for granted. After all, our lives would be changed entirely without groundwater—it would be impossible for many people to live in certain areas. Here are just a few things you can do to encourage groundwater awareness in Monroe, NC all year long, even outside this specific week:

  • Share helpful resources: National Groundwater Awareness Week is designed to help people learn about the importance of groundwater and the impact this resource has on people’s lives all over the country and the world. That education doesn’t have to be limited to one single week! There are plenty of online resources you can share, including the Groundwater Foundation’s social media pages, the National Groundwater Association’s website and social media and content provided by these and other organizations that you can share with others.
  • Inspire others: There are many different types of professionals who can find a career in fields involving groundwater. There’s always demand for skilled engineers, hydrogeologists, groundwater scientists, water well drillers and educators. If you’re interested in inspiring others to take an interest in groundwater science, we highly recommend you use the Awesome Aquifer Kit, available at awesomeaquifer.com, and bring it into classrooms, festivals, fairs and community events. There are some great educational resources for kids that are also available at www.groundwater.org/kids.
  • Lend your support: Human life relies on groundwater, and it is up to humans to protect this resource. By learning more and getting involved, you can make a big difference in protecting and preserving this important natural resource. And if you are feeling generous, you can also make financial contributions to the Groundwater Foundation, which strives to protect groundwater everywhere.

It’s important that we do everything we can to protect our groundwater and keep it suitable for human use. You may be surprised to learn that only one percent of all the water on Earth is actually usable for humans, and of that one percent, 99 percent is groundwater. Groundwater sources are 20 to 30 times larger than all of the lakes, streams and rivers in the United States combined. Throughout the United States alone, people use 349 billion gallons of fresh water every single day, so given those aforementioned proportions, you can get a sense of just how much of that comes from groundwater. In fact, about 44 percent of the population is entirely dependent on groundwater for its drinking supply.

For more information about groundwater awareness, or to schedule groundwater testing in Monroe, NC, we encourage you to contact the team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC today.

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