Key Components to Consider with Water Wells

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If you’re choosing a water well for your property, it’s important to understand what water well parts in Monroe, NC are involved. The specific water well components will vary somewhat based on the type of water well you select, although some parts are fairly universal.

Use the following overview to familiarize yourself with basic water well parts in Monroe, NC. This will help you as you shop for water wells and make improvements or repairs in the future:

  • Check valve: As you pump water, it’s crucial that water does not flow back into the basin. This water well component in Monroe, NC prevents that from happening.
  • Foot valve: When you turn off a deep-well pump, water would naturally flow back down to its original source if nothing prevented this reverse flow. A foot valve is the component that takes care of this. It stops the water from returning to its source.
  • Pressure switch: This water well part in Monroe, NC senses the water pressure automatically. Based on this pressure, it turns the water on and off. As you use water, the pressure decreases. Once it reaches a certain point (usually between 40 and 60 psi), the pressure switch senses that you need more water, and it turns the pump back on. Note: If you are having problems with continuous pump operation, there may be an issue with your pressure switch. It may have failed, or the settings may need adjustment so your pump shuts off when it should.
  • Pressure tank: This component helps make your water use more efficient. Your pump system places water in this tank, where it is compressed. From there, the water can move throughout your entire plumbing system, efficiently flowing to fixtures with even pressure. This makes using appliances and faucets more convenient and efficient.
  • Pressure sensitive pumps/inline pump controllers: Some systems feature these components instead of a water pressure tank. This type of pump boosts the water without the need of the pressure tank.
  • Safety rope: If your pump ever needs maintenance, it might be difficult to access the water well components in Monroe, NC. The safety rope is designed to help you or your technician recover the pump for service or repairs.
  • Unique components: Most properties require some version of a standard water pump. However, your setting may include conditions that require something more unique. You may need specialized water well components in Monroe, NC. Consult with a professional to gain a complete understanding of your property’s water well needs.

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