Signs Your Water Well Isn’t Working Properly

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Not having access to safe, clean water because of a broken water well in Monroe NC can cause quite the disturbance in your household. Avoiding this fate in your home should be a top priority, and familiarizing yourself with some of the most common water well problems can help you spot issues early on so you can take action right away. Follow along with this guide for help recognizing some of the telltale signs that your water well might be in trouble:

  • Sputtering water flow: If there is water in your faucet but it is sputtering as it comes out of the head, there is air somewhere in the system. This can be caused by either a failing pump, or a crack in the pipe above the pump that is causing a leak. To best diagnose the exact cause, your well may have to be pulled for further investigation.
  • No water in pipes: When there is no water coming out of your faucet at all, insufficient water levels in the tank could be the cause of the problem. This is particularly common during the spring and summer months, when water usage increases. To determine if the water level is indeed causing the absence of water in your pipes, lower a piece of string with a bobber attached to the end into the well. When the bobber hits the water, take up the slack and mark the string to determine the static water level. Continue to do this over the next few days to see if the water is replenishing on its own, or if further action is required.
  • Increasing energy bills: Low water levels could also force your pump to run constantly as it searches for the consistent flow of water that it normally takes in. When this happens, you could begin to see a rise in your energy bills over time. A storage tank pressure switch that needs to be readjusted could also show increased energy usage, causing a spike in your utility costs as well.
  • Cloudy water: When the water table starts to sink below the well depth and the pump is pulling from shallow water, there is likely to be more silt and sand present. Alternatively, the pump may have begun to malfunction, and the sediment is not being filtered out before being delivered to your pipes. In either instance, the water in your home will begin to appear clouded and muddy. This buildup, along with other common forms of bacteria, can also contaminate the water, which could lead to odd odors and tastes.

Deeper water well problems can be difficult to diagnose without pulling the system aboveground, which is why it is critical to find the right professionals to accurately determine if you are indeed dealing with a broken water well. To get to the bottom of these and other common water well problems in Monroe, NC, contact the experienced team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. Whether your water well simply needs a thorough cleaning or a brand-new replacement pump, we can make the repairs necessary to reestablish the safe operation of your water well system. To restore your family’s access to clean water in your home, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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