Do You Need a New Pressure Tank?

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If your water well pressure tank has been malfunctioning in Monroe, NC, you might be wondering if you need to invest in and install a new pressure tank. The faster you identify pressure tank problems, the less likely you’ll be to need to replace your pump, which can cost thousands of dollars and take more time than you’d prefer.

Read on for an overview of how your pressure tank works and the signs that it might be malfunctioning, then call the team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC to schedule an appointment.

What your water well pressure tank does

Your water pressure tank and pump work together to pressurize the water and store it so that it can be delivered into your home’s appliances and faucets when needed. Most residential pressure tanks are bladder tanks, which use stiff rubber bladders to push the water around. When those bladders rupture, the pump has to turn on and off more than usual, which is not good for the pump. In fact, the longer your pressure tank goes without repair, the more overworked your pump will be—and pumps can cost thousands of dollars to replace.

Your pressure tank’s lifespan depends on a few key factors. First, there’s its basic quality. The average tank, using clean water and being the correct size for your needs, will last around 15 years. However, cheaper tanks can last as little as five, whereas high-quality pressure tanks can last up to 30 years when properly maintained. If the water has rocks or other debris, however, that debris can rub holes in your pressure tank’s bladders and cause them to rupture.

Finally, if the pump cycles repeatedly—that is, if you use more water than your pump and pressure tank can reasonably supply—that can cause problems with air pressure and cause the bladders to rupture.

Signs of a failing pressure tank

If you believe your pressure tank may be failing, here are some signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Inconsistent water pressure: If your water pressure has been wildly inconsistent, swinging from high to low, there may be a problem. If you see that the pump is cycling on more than once a minute, your pressure tank should be checked out.
  • The top of the tank feels cold and/or full: If you knock on the top of your pressure tank, it should sound hollow. If it doesn’t, you have a water pressure problem on your hands.
  • The pressure seems too low: If the pressure gauge reads less than 10 psi, you are likely dealing with a ruptured bladder, and should call a professional immediately.

Whatever the problem may be, waiting can compound the issue. Save your pump by getting your pressure tank checked out as soon as possible.

Water well pressure tanks in Monroe, NC

Now that you know the signs of a failing pressure tank, call the professionals for help. Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC is your source for new pressure tanks in Monroe, NC. If you’re having inconsistent water pressure or have noticed other negative signs, save yourself money and grief—protect your pump by calling the pros.

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