What Do I Need to Know About Water Wells When Buying a New House?

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When you buy a home with a well, you cannot simply assume that the well water is pure enough to comply with municipal health and safety standards. Moreover, you also need to know whether the well is abundant enough to provide for your expected home use, and whether there are any problems with the new house well in Monroe, NC.

Here is an overview of what you should look for when buying a new home with a water well:

  • Test the water for quality and quantity: The most important thing you need to do is test for water quality and quantity. When testing for quality, you want to ensure there are no volatile organic compounds, as well as checking for standard things like iron, chlorine, fluoride, radon, bacteria and more. Quantity should be at least three to five gallons per minute.
  • Learn the well regulations for the municipality: Your municipality will have regulations regarding the structure, size and capacity of your well. You might need to have the water tested before you can sign any papers, for example, or have permits to have a well installed. Whose responsibility this is will depend on your specific location.
  • Know what to do if the well fails: If or when the well fails, you need to know what to do. Drilling a new well can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars, so you’ll need to prepare for that possibility. Another solution is hydrofracking, which involves injecting water at high pressures into the well, hoping to widen cracks in the bedrock and get more water flowing into the well. Ask the homeowner and your well contractor about whether that might be a solution for this property.
  • Know how big the property should be to accommodate the well: If you have a well on your property, you likely have a septic tank as well. This means your property will need to be at least an acre or two in order to accommodate the mandated amount of space between your well and the septic tank.
  • Ask about important facts: You need to know whether the well was drilled and how old it is. Drilled wells are at least 40 feet deep, and often up to 100 feet deep. The age of the well will have an impact, too—most wells last 30 to 40 years before a new one must be drilled.

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