How to Tell If You Have Pressure Tank Problems

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When you have a well, you need to keep an eye on the pressure tank—if you catch problems early enough, you probably won’t have to replace your submersible well pump later down the line. If you’ve been having pressure tank problems in Monroe, NC, read on to find out how to test your pressure tank and how the team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC can help.

Pressure tanks take much of the workload off your submersible pump. By providing a steady supply of pressurized water in the tank, your pressure tank delivers this water to your faucets and appliances without needing the pump to turn on and off repeatedly. Problems arise when the bladders inside the pressure tank rupture and can no longer push the water where it needs to go. This, in turn, forces your pump to work harder and more erratically.

Checking for pressure tank problems

The following is a good way to check for pressure tank problems on an average-sized tank. You’ll need a stopwatch or timer and a helper. Locate your tank’s pressure gauge, and determine whether your tank is on a high or low cycle. (Check your manufacturer’s recommendations or installation notes if you’re unsure, or search for psi test instructions online.)

  1. Start running cold water at the faucet: Have your partner run a faucet while you stand next to the tank and watch the psi needle. The needle should slowly begin to drop until it reaches the low setting.
  2. Timer: Wait to start the timer until the needle hits the low setting, usually with an audible click. Tell your helper to stop the water, then start the timer.
  3. Watch and wait: Watch the needle rise until it reaches the high point and clicks once again. Stop the timer and determine how long it took.

How long did it take? If it took under a minute, that’s bad—it means the bladder in the pressure tank could very well have ruptured, and your submersible pump is kicking on more than it should. If it took a minute or more, that’s better news—your pump and bladder are likely working just as they should be.

Now what?

If you suspect you’re having pressure tank issues, call a professional right away. The faster you get your pressure tank repaired, the better off your pump will be. On the other hand, a professional will also be able to tell you if another problem is skewing the results—for example, mismatched sizes of tanks and pumps can cause well trouble, too. It’s best to get a professional opinion.

Reliable service for pressure tanks in Monroe, NC

Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC is your source for well drilling, installation and repair in Monroe, NC. We can help you test and repair your pressure tank, install a new submersible pump and more. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help get your well in top shape or to schedule service.

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