Building a New House? Plan for Your Water Well

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Before you can build your new house, you need to plan for your water supply. Where you can place your well will naturally have a huge impact on where you can build your home. It’s important that you are able to tap into an adequate supply of clean water, which is why it’s necessary to engage in some simple planning before you break ground.

If you need assistance with water well planning in Monroe, NC, be sure to call Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. To get started, here’s an overview of what you’ll need to plan for your water well.

Will you need permits?

Before you get started, you should talk to your contractor and well driller to determine whether you’ll need a permit to drill into the land. Every municipality is different, so be sure you’re familiar with the local laws. Otherwise, you run the risk of fines and delays in your project.

Will your well produce enough water?

The most important determination of all is whether the well will produce enough water. This may mean drilling in several locations to see what the yield is. Sometimes you might yield a totally dry hole, but you’re more likely to find low-yield wells. This can be due to low water tables, seasonal conditions and more.

What constitutes “enough” water?

“Enough” water means enough for everyday use (drinking, cooking, toilets, showers, etc.), seasonal use (swimming pools, lawn care), special uses (animal treatment, irrigation and more) and fire protection.

What factors go into deciding how much water is enough?

When determining if your well yields enough water to account for all of the above uses, you’ll determine the flow rate (the continuous rate of yield), the size of the well (diameter and depth) and the static level (the water level when no water is actively being pumped from the well). Your contractor should be able to help you estimate how much water you’ll need and whether the well can provide it.

Where should your well be located?

Finally, you’ll need to plan for your well’s actual location. It needs to be in an accessible spot to make maintenance and repair easy, but should also remain the required space away from septic tanks, property boundaries and road boundaries. As you consult with your contractor, you’ll have a better idea of where your well can be safely placed.

With some minor planning, you’ll always have a safe and abundant water well.

Get a new water well in Monroe, NC

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