Risks of Drinking Contaminated Groundwater

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Unless you enjoy being seriously ill, water testing in Monroe, NC is a service requiring your investment. Groundwater contamination is possible even in remote rural areas with few modern conveniences, and the consequences can be harrowing. Here are seven risks arising from tainted water:

  • Gastrointestinal illnesses: Stomach issues are the most common symptom of water contamination. They arise from microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. While they are found all over the planet’s surface, they can wreak havoc on your gastrointestinal system if they enter your groundwater through septic tank leakage or animal waste. They can also poison well water by running into your well through snow melt and heavy rainfall. If there is any flooding on your property, consider having your groundwater tested immediately.
  • Blue baby syndrome: This deadly set of symptoms largely affects small children. It arises from water contaminated with nitrates, which come from human sewage, chemical fertilizers and animal waste. Nitrates hinder the blood’s attempt to carry oxygen, and while adults can linger with these symptoms for a while, exposure eventually causes infants to become seriously ill and die. If you raise animals or live near a ranch, consider regular water testing if you live with small children and want to reduce the risks of nitrate exposure.
  • Kidney failure: Drinking tainted water long enough can cause kidney failure. Heavy metals, organic chemicals, radionuclides and even high amounts of fluoride may overwork kidneys and lead to toxins overwhelming your system. Arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals are especially dangerous and often common in groundwater due to seepage and runoff. This is another reason to test water after heavy rainstorms or other severe weather patterns.
  • Organ damage: When you consume enough toxins of any kind, you will eventually face organ damage. Your kidneys, liver, circulatory system organs and nervous system are especially vulnerable. Any type of contamination can lead to this effect, especially heavy metals and organic chemicals.
  • Infertility: Organic chemicals are also linked to infertility. Among other types of organ failure, they will also compromise reproductive systems. When couples have difficulty conceiving, water testing often appears on the agenda because organic chemicals run into well water from both household and industrial processes.
  • Cancer: Radionuclides are radioactive forms of uranium and radium. They can enter the environment—and your well water—through uranium and coal mining. The same is true if you live near a nuclear power plant or a former one. They are often continually present and harmless, except when they concentrate in large amounts. If you live near a mining facility, frequent testing of your well water is necessary to keep your household safe.
  • Bone conditions: Fluoride is helpful in preventing tooth decay, but in large amounts, it can have the opposite effect. Excessive fluoride weakens bones and causes tenderness in the joints. It can also cause pitting and tooth discoloration. While it is often added to municipal water systems, it also occurs naturally. Water testing can ensure that the fluoride levels in your water are appropriate.

Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC offers the experience and expertise to prevent the effects of groundwater contamination in Monroe, NC. Call us today to learn about our water services and how we can keep your drinking water safe.

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