Here’s Why You Need to Know What to Do with Old Water Wells in Monroe, NC

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Do you have an old water well on your property? Water well removal in Monroe, NC can be a tricky process, so it’s important to know what to do and how to do it. Proper care with old water wells in Monroe, NC can mean the difference between a hazard and a healthy solution.

Use the following guide to old water wells in Monroe, NC to keep your property safe. For assistance with this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local experts in water well removal in Monroe, NC.

Why Water Well Removal

If a well is no longer used, you may wonder why it needs to be removed. Can’t you just let it sit undisturbed on your property? The fact is, many old water wells in Monroe, NC can affect new wells and water sources. The well may still connect to the aquifer, and any contaminants that make their way into the well will contaminate the local water sources.

This can easily happen if a structure is built over an old well, such as a chicken coop, garage or barn. Animal or chemical wastes that are produced by these settings can flow to the well underneath or nearby. It’s important to properly complete water well removal in Monroe, NC, especially before adding any structures to your property.

How to Remove Old Water Wells

To remove old water wells in Monroe, NC, property owners must follow careful procedures. This process involves more than simply filling in the hole or removing some cement or brick. A water well contractor should be contacted to guide the removal. Local well decommissioning codes must be followed. The well must be sealed from the bottom up, which requires specialized equipment. The well must be cleared of blockages and structures, such as pipes, then sealed properly.

How to Identify Old Water Wells

An abandoned water well may or may not be obvious. To locate old water wells in Monroe, NC, look for depressions in the ground, concrete pits, small buildings (these may be old well houses), pipes protruding from the ground and abandoned windmills.

To further research the location of any old water wells in Monroe, NC, use property title documents, property plans and old maps. Check with neighbors who may remember how the property was used in the past. Find out if there have been any additions to the home that may have been built over wells. Wells are often located in basements or under porches. You can also check the water utility history to verify the property’s source of water before utilities were available.

Get Expert Support

If you need to complete water well removal in Monroe, NC, contact the expert team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. We have been supplying superior well services to customers in the area since 1967. We specialize in well inspections, abandoned wells, water line piping, installations of pumps and tanks, camera inspections, trench digging and freshwater services. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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