Five Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Well Pump

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Well pump maintenance in Monroe, NC is necessary to supply your home or business with clean water and ensure a reliable water source. But like any other mechanical appliance, it will eventually wear out entirely and require replacement. This is often an expensive investment, and not one to take lightly. Here are five warning signs that it’s time to replace your well pump:

  • No water flow: This is a pretty obvious sign that something is seriously wrong. If temperatures are above freezing and turning on a fixture results in no water, there is a good chance that either your well is dry or your pump is not working. Before you panic, first check the circuit breaker. Even if it is not flipped, turn the pump off, flip the breaker and then turn the pump on again. This may reset it and allow it to operate again. But if not, call a well repair professional immediately.
  • Poor water pressure: A few showers at a mere sprinkle tend to get people calling our establishment! When you lack water pressure, there is likely something happening with your pump. Other issues cause this problem too, like pipe scaling, low water levels or a malfunctioning pressure tank. But older pumps also lose efficiency, and pretty soon, it draws less water from the well than it did previously. If other problems are ruled out and pressure remains low, it may be time for a new pump.
  • Constantly running pump: Like a toilet that cannot stop running, the constantly running pump is often annoying and a sign of serious problems. If your pump keeps running, this is due to its failure to efficiently pump water from the well. This can also be a pressure tank issue, so if you always hear your pump running, call us to take a look at it and see if it needs to be replaced.
  • Air spitting: Along with no water, poorly functioning pumps also cause air spitting. This is when you turn on the faucet and, rather than water, you receive a hissing stream of air. Air spitting is common if plumbing has not been used for a while and the pump needs time to warm up. But in homes where the water runs every day, this should not be happening. It can be evidence of a dying pump motor or electrical issues.
  • High electricity bills: If your electricity bills double or even triple, your pump may be demanding more energy to remain functional. This is a likely result if your pump continues to run and you do not address the issue. If this is the case in your home, your best bet is to see why your pump is eating electricity and running inefficiently. From there, you can see if it needs a repair or a replacement.

Well pump replacement in Monroe, NC is among the services offered by Love Well Pump & Supply, LLC. If your well pump is showing worrisome tendencies, call us today to schedule a free quote.

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