Why Low Well Water Pressure in Monroe, NC Isn’t Normal

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Do you have a private water well? If so, don’t be fooled into thinking that low water pressure is normal. Well water pressure in Monroe, NC should be strong and healthy. If it’s not, then you need well pump maintenance in Monroe, NC.

Your low pressure problem could be caused by one or more common issues. If you experience low well water pressure in Monroe, NC, consider the following causes and potential solutions.

Increase the Pressure

Do you lose water pressure in the sink if you run the dishwasher? If you lose pressure at one source while using another, a good solution might be to install a constant pressure system. This maintains constant pressure at various sources even if more than one is being used simultaneously.

Another solution is to adjust your pressure tank. Check the gauge on your tank. If it is below 40 psi, you should increase the pressure. This pushes the water through your pipes with greater force, so you’ll experience better water pressure. Typical ranges for water pressure in residential properties are between 40 and 60 psi.

Increase the Flow

Low well water pressure in Monroe, NC can also be caused by low water volume. Not enough water is reaching your pipes, so you experience poor pressure.

This low volume can be caused by a couple of problems that can easily be solved with proper well pump maintenance in Monroe, NC. First, test your water. Is it high in iron or other sediments? Hard water or dirty water can clog pipes and reduce the water flow. You may need a filtration system to improve pressure. Second, check the placement of your pump. If it is too close to the top of the water level, your water pressure will suffer.

If either of these problems is present, you won’t be able to solve the issue by adding water pressure. In fact, increasing the pressure can cause damage. To properly diagnose the issue and provide the best solution, contact a professional who specializes in well pump maintenance in Monroe, NC.

Increase the Expertise

Are you still unsure what is causing your low water pressure? Don’t give up on the issue. It’s not something you should simply learn to live with. Often, a professional can easily fix the issue so you can enjoy healthy water pressure. Additionally, ignoring the issue could lead to major repairs down the line. Contact an expert in well pump maintenance in Monroe, NC as soon as you experience water pressure issues, so you can properly care for your system.

Your Go-To Water Well Experts

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