What to Consider When Buying a House with a Well

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If you’re purchasing a home in a more rural area, you’ll likely be dealing with well water rather than municipal water systems. As such, it’s important you take the quality of the well and the local water into consideration when you’re looking at homes in such an area.

Here’s some information from a water well company in Monroe, NC about some of the considerations you should keep in mind during this process.

Learn what you can about the water in the area

The water you get from a well in a given area comes from groundwater that is shared by other people with wells in that same broad region. That means if there are any issues with the water, it’s likely not just going to affect your individual well, but rather all homeowners in the area. This means you should check with your realtor to see if there are any water problems in the area that have been reported by local residents. It’s much easier to deal with a problematic well than a problematic groundwater source.

Get the well tested

Just as you perform home inspections before you decide to move ahead with the purchase of a piece of property, you should also get the well inspected by a capable and qualified professional. Never buy a house without having the well tested first.

Professionals can check the well for its water safety and purity, taking water samples from the tap to be sent to a testing lab. The lab will show all chemicals and contaminants found in the water, as well as the passing limit for every element it contains. Any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the well water should be a red flag, as should the presence of radon in the water. It can be expensive to remove radon or other VOCs from water, which may or may not be worth it depending on the levels of these substances and the other costs you have to consider as part of the home purchase.

Finally, the physical structure of the well itself should also be inspected. Make sure it’s in good condition and that you aren’t going to have to perform any significant repairs shortly after you move in. Ongoing maintenance is one thing, but you don’t want to walk into a money pit.

Know what to do about low water quality

If you’re convinced that you’ve found your dream property but the well water quality simply isn’t up to snuff, there may be some things you can do to remedy the issue. You can simply drill a new well if you’re able to hit a different water source, or if the previous well itself was the problem. This will cost thousands, but could be worth it if you’re in love with the property.

Hydrofracking is another tactic you can use to fix water issues, especially if the issue is quantity rather than quality. It widens fractures in the bedrock to increase the network of water-bearing fissures that send water to the well.

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