Top Water Quality Considerations for Water Well Testing in Monroe, NC

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When experts conduct water well testing in Monroe, NC, what are they looking for? What are the top concerns? There are several water quality considerations that come into play when examining well water. Some are more common in Monroe than others.

Below is a list of a few of the top-quality considerations for water well testing in Monroe, NC. For additional information, reach out to your local water experts at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC.


TDS stands for total dissolved solids. This is the concentration of all the minerals present in the water. If the TDS level is above 1000 mg/L, the water usually tastes poor. If the level broaches 2000 mg/L, the water is considered undrinkable due to its taste. If the TDS level is above 10,000 mg/L, the water is classified as undrinkable.

What minerals might be present that affect a TDS? Keep on reading!

Calcium and Magnesium

When water has high levels of calcium and magnesium, it is considered hard water. While this does not pose a known health risk, the presence of these minerals can be tough on appliances and fixtures. As a result, many homeowners opt to soften their water with artificial processes. These systems remove the calcium and magnesium from the water.

The downside to this solution is that humans actually need some intake of calcium and magnesium for healthy functioning.

Iron and Manganese

These elements are naturally occurring in many groundwater sources. The water comes in contact with minerals that contain iron, and this transfers to the water. These minerals give the water a poor taste. They can also be hard on plumbing and clothing, staining the objects that the water comes in contact with in the home.


Plants release nitrogen into the soil, which then transfers to groundwater as it travels through the landscape. Nitrogen may also find its way into water sources through manure, fertilizers, urine and landfills. Water well testing in Monroe, NC is particularly important in revealing the presence of nitrates, as these can be toxic. They are particularly dangerous to infants. Nitrates are also poisonous to fish and other aquatic creatures.


Water well testing in Monroe, NC can reveal the presence of sulfur in groundwater in one of two forms. Sulfides naturally occur in many groundwater sources that contain organic materials, are affected by oil, and in marshes. Sulfates are present if certain minerals, such as gypsum, have dissolved in the water.


While silica doesn’t cause any harmful side effects to humans, it can hurt plumbing. Large amounts of silica can result in scaling in pipes. This reduces water flow, as well as interferes with other water treatment processes.

Get Tested

What is the quality of your water? Have you ever had water well testing in Monroe, NC? Consult with your local experts at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC to determine the top concerns for water in your area. Since 1967, our team has been delivering top-quality well inspections to highly satisfied clients throughout the area. We offer free estimates and free water testing, so give us a call today!

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