What Homeowners Should Know About Their Well

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In order to ensure that your water well functions properly both now and in the future, it is vital that you schedule routine inspections. It is just as important that homeowners keep track of the information received during these inspections, such as when the work was completed and how much the well yields. Your local provider of water well services in Monroe, NC is here to tell you more about why keeping these records is so valuable.

The benefits of well maintenance records

With all of the appliances in your home that need regular maintenance year in and year out, remembering the date that each item needs to be serviced can be difficult. However, if you aren’t aware of the last time your water well was serviced, you run the risk of waiting too long to have the next inspection completed, which could throw off both the maintenance schedule and the effective operation of your system. Most inspection reports and invoices will list not only the date that the service was completed, but also the scope of the work that was done, as well as any relevant notes about the quality of the water that was tested.

With this information documented, you will have a much better idea of any changes that have occurred since the last test, which will help to determine what needs to be completed during future inspections. This information will also be helpful in the event that you one day decide to sell your property. Water well systems with the correct documentation and that have been well cared for can go a long way toward reassuring potential buyers that you have invested in maintaining your property efficiently and effectively over the years.

Keeping track of additional documentation

Besides holding on to all of your maintenance records and water test results, you should also keep a record of all the permits and certifications that were filed at the time of installation. Additionally, keep a map of where your well and drain field are located. If no architectural or landscaping drawings were completed back when the well was installed, you may be able to retrieve the information you are looking for from your local sewage enforcement officer. Once you have determined where all of your system’s components are located, sketch a diagram that identifies their locations, and store it with the rest of your documents.

To schedule an appointment for water well services in Monroe, NC, contact the team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC. Since 1967, we have helped maintain water well systems for homeowners in the area, and we are committed to making sure you understand the scope of the inspection and what the results mean for both your well and your drinking water. We also understand the importance of keeping meticulous records and will do our part to make sure you have all of the information you need. For honest, hard work that you can trust, make sure you give us a call today.

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