How Well Water Compares to City Water

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Millions of Americans choose to use well systems to supply their homes and businesses with fresh, clean drinking water rather than connecting to a municipal water supply. In some cases, people have to use wells because they don’t have any access to municipal water systems, but a lot of people choose this option for other reasons. Regardless of what kind of water supply you have access to now, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit more about the differences between well water and city water.

Well water vs. city water

Municipal water typically comes from surface water sources like springs and rivers, and it’s carried through miles of pipe to water treatment facilities and then distributed to city water customers. Homeowners and business owners are charged a monthly utility fee for their water use, and the city owns all of the connections between private properties and municipal water supplies. Because of that, water customers may be subject to water shutoff as a result of nonpayment or, in some cases, system maintenance projects.

Wells, on the other hand, are dug on private properties by a water well contractor in Monroe, NC and belong to the owner of the property. These wells draw from groundwater deposits that are naturally filtered by soil and sediment filtration and pumped up to the surface and into the commercial or residential fixtures. Some of their benefits include:

  • Cost: Perhaps the most significant benefit of well water is the fact that it costs much less over time than city water. While digging and establishing a well requires a sizable upfront investment, you don’t have to worry about a monthly water bill like you do with city water. As long as you keep up on regular maintenance, you can continue using your well for decades to come.
  • Health: Well water is naturally filtered by the sediment in the ground, so you can feel confident that it is good for your health. Municipal water is frequently treated with a wide variety of different chemicals that may not be safe for everyone.
  • Accessibility: Municipal water simply isn’t an option for many homes and businesses, especially in rural areas. If you live on a property that’s cut off from municipal utilities, well water is an essential option. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about going through a third party to access clean water. You own your own well, and you have complete control over its use on your property.

Speak with a water well contractor in Monroe, NC

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