Flooded Water Well? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Flooding can wreak havoc on structures, personal property and water supplies. It can cause extensive damage that must be carefully repaired to restore all systems to safe operation. Has your water well been flooded? If so, you’ll need water well services in Monroe, NC.

Of course, the type and scope of repairs you require depends on the severity of the flood. However, any flooding warrants an inspection by a professional to ensure your water well is safe to use. The following guide provides a few dos and don’ts to follow in these situations.

Local Disasters

If your area experiences a natural disaster that results in flooding, it’s important to remain up to date on local alerts. Watch for information from city or emergency relief officials regarding local water quality. Keep in mind that flooding near your home can affect your water supply even if your home isn’t flooded. If waters do rise above your well cap, you should call for water well services in Monroe, NC right away to have your water quality checked.

Contaminant Invasion

When your water well is flooded, it is filled with pollutants, bacteria and other debris that contaminate your water supply. This onslaught of unwanted contaminants can make your water unsafe for use.

The debris that floods your well can also cause damage to the well itself. If large objects are carried into your system, they can smash hardware and harm the structure of the well.

Floodwater also carries sediment that can cause damage to your pump. The mechanical operation could be affected by clogging or erosion caused by this sediment.

In extreme cases, large floods can cause the collapse of a well.

Due to the wide range of damage a flood can cause, it’s important to call for water well services in Monroe, NC as soon as possible after a flood. You don’t want to let minor damage turn into major destruction, which is what can happen if the repairs are not made immediately.

Professional Intervention

It might be tempting to try to troubleshoot or even make repairs on your own. This is not recommended. Due to the type of damage flooding can cause, it’s best to contact professional water well services in Monroe, NC. Pump components may be damaged and need to be cleaned to prevent burnout. This involves electrical parts, which can pose a hazard if you aren’t properly trained in these repairs.

Additionally, the electrical system may have been submerged by the floodwaters, which could make it dangerous to use even after flooding has ceased. It’s important to have the system inspected and repaired by a professional before turning it back on, to prevent further damage and personal injury.

Call for Backup

If you’ve experienced flooding, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for water well services in Monroe, NC. An expert inspection, cleaning and repairs will restore your system to safe operation and prevent further damage. The team at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC is ready to assist you. We work with all major brands of pumps and systems, ensuring no job is too big or small. We offer free estimates and free water testing, so give us a call today!

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