Five Reasons Why Purifying Your Water is Better than Bottled Water

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How much water should you drink a day? The experts say people should drink about 64oz of water a day, or eight 8oz glasses. But what type of water should you be drinking? People often gravitate towards bottled water, thinking that it’s better for them, more convenient, and even better tasting. But is it really?

The alternative to bottled water is purifying your own drinking water from the tap with a water purifier. At Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC, your local source for water purification systems in Monroe, NC, our customers are often surprised by our answer. Purifying your own water is better than bottled water, and here’s why.

Better for the environment

By now, you’ve probably already learned how detrimental bottled water is to the environment. Think about it. If you are drinking the recommended number of ounces of water per day, you are using at least 4 bottles of water per day. That amounts to over 1,400 bottles of water per year! Having this much waste is bad for the environment not only in the amount of garbage produced, but in the energy required to make and ship that number of bottles.

Better for your teeth

Tap water, which is typically monitored by the EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), often contains the optimal concentration of fluoride, which helps keep your teeth healthy and strong. In fact, if you are drinking the recommended ounces of water per day from your tap water, you should not need fluoride in your toothpaste.

Saves money

When you buy bottled water, you are typically paying for the bottle and the water. If you consider that the bottle itself adds even $0.25 to every bottle of water you drink, you are still spending hundreds of dollars on plastic bottles every year—and that’s just for one person. For your average family of four, that number can easily climb to over $1,000 per year simply because of the packaging your water comes in.

Tastes better

As an expert in water purification systems in Monroe, NC, one of the main questions we get is “does purified tap water taste better than bottled water?” People are often fooled into thinking that bottled water tastes better because of advertising or pretty packaging. The truth is, about 25% of the bottled water we drink in the U.S. is purified tap water anyway. But even in blind tests, most people can’t tell the difference in taste between purified tap water and top name-brand bottled water.


Another concern our customers have is that tap water, even purified tap water, is not as safe as bottled water. This is simply not true. Quality water purification systems not only ensure that your water is safe, but they also help your tap water taste better.

If you are ready to kick your bottled water habit and start saving money and the environment, call Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC to schedule your water purification system installation today!

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