What Is an Irrigation Well?

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Wells serve as essential sources of water for many homes and businesses that aren’t connected to municipal water supplies. There are a number of great benefits that water wells offer over municipal water and, in many cases, wells are the only viable source of water in a given area or on a specific plot of land. Whether or not your home is hooked up to a well system, you may benefit from considering investing in an irrigation well. Irrigation wells are typically installed on larger plots of land or for agricultural properties and supply water to sprinklers and irrigation systems.

Digging a well

An irrigation well is installed in essentially the same way as a residential well. The primary difference between an irrigation well and a residential well is the fact that an irrigation well is connected to an irrigation system. These wells are typically employed on agricultural properties where there is a high demand for watering crops and livestock, although they are also common on residential properties with large yards and gardens.

Because drilling an irrigation well requires some heavy equipment, you must have enough room on your property to facilitate big machinery. You should also consider where your well will be located. Wells that are far away from where you need your water will be more expensive, since you have to pay for more extensive plumbing and excavation.

There are a number of local and state regulations that apply to well digging and well pump installation in Monroe, NC, so make sure you do plenty of research before your project. Make sure that your well is located within your clearly defined property boundaries and that it isn’t infringing on wetlands or other preserved areas.

Understanding the cost

The cost of your well is dependent on a number of different factors, including its depth and where it’s located on your property. Usually, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 to drill your well and get well pump installation in Monroe, NC. While this might seem like a pretty major upfront investment, it is likely to pay off if you consumer a relatively high amount of water. Municipal water bills would be hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, especially if you’re doing a lot of irrigating or livestock watering. Getting water from your own well means that you won’t have to pay a monthly bill and gives you the opportunity to save money.

Learn more about well pump installation in Monroe, NC

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