Avoid Burning Out Your Well Pump This Summer

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If you live in a part of North Carolina that’s not connected to a municipal water grid, you’re almost definitely relying on well water to give you the clean water you need for drinking and chores in your home.

The summer months can be quite difficult on wells. As the weather gets hotter and dryer, we tend to use much more water around our homes. The more you use your well, the greater the chance you could accidentally cause your well pump to wear down and potentially burn out.

With this in mind, here are some tips from a water well company to help you avoid burning out your well pump and needing well pump repair in Monroe, NC this summer.

Patch up any cracks you find in the well

Your well pump makes great use of water pressure in its operation. The best way to maintain an appropriate level of pressure is to keep the well unit itself solid and intact. This means if you have cracks or leaks in your well, it will actually cause your tank and pump to work much harder than it needs to, just to be able to produce the results you’d get if no cracks existed in the well. The harder your tank has to work, the quicker it will burn itself out, meaning you’ll need to shell out the money to replace it.

Therefore, if you notice any cracks in your well, have a professional well technician come out to your property and patch them up immediately so you can maximize the efficiency of the well’s operation.

Analyze the pressure switch for your pump

One of the most common causes of burnt-out well pumps is long-term overuse. This means that the degradation of your well pump could very well just be something that naturally happens over time. However, you can cause it to happen much sooner than necessary if you have a malfunctioning pressure switch.

The pressure switch is in charge of maintaining efficient operation of your well pump. If it fails, the pump will run excessively and unnecessarily. Therefore, you should hire a professional to come out and replace your faulty pressure switch before it causes the whole pump to burn out, which is a much costlier repair job.

Avoid issues with waterlogging in your well pump

Your tank needs a very particular balance between water and air to function appropriately. If you have too much liquid in the tank, it will become waterlogged, which means the pressure inside your well system will fluctuate at a very quick pace. When this occurs, the pump will turn on and off much faster, which will force the unit to go into overdrive and potentially burn it out. Therefore, if you notice waterlogging issues, you can have a professional well technician come out and balance the air and water levels in the tank.

For more information about keeping your well in great condition this summer, or for well pump repair in Monroe, NC, reach out to Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC today.

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