Test, Tend and Treat Your Water with Regular Well Maintenance in Monroe, NC

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If you rely on a well to supply clean water to your home or business, you probably know how important it is to make sure that your well and pump continue to operate safely and effectively. Problems with your well can lead to costly repairs and water impurities, and may even force you to replace your system entirely. To maintain the safety of your water and avoid major repair and replacement costs, it’s important that you keep up with routine well maintenance and service.

March 11-17 is National Groundwater Awareness Week, and the National Groundwater Association is encouraging well owners to test, tend and treat their water. One of the best ways that you can tend your water and your well is by completing well maintenance in Monroe, NC. By regularly servicing your well, you can promote effective function and keep it working properly for years to come:

  • Cost savings: One of the biggest incentives for well owners to complete well maintenance is the fact that it can significantly reduce your costs over time. When small issues with your well are not identified or are ignored, they will only get worse. As time passes and you continue to use your well without addressing problems, small issues can become much larger and more detrimental. These large mechanical issues are not usually simple or inexpensive to fix, and you may end up with significant charges from a well technician. When you have well maintenance performed on a regular basis, you reduce the chance of issues arising and you can ensure that small problems are caught before they become more significant.
  • Water health: Well contamination is a real concern, regardless of where you live or where your well is established. There are a number of ways that a well can become contaminated, including through chemical imbalances in your soil or even from local pollutants that are present in aquifers. Wells that are not regularly inspected, tested or maintained are far more susceptible to becoming contaminated, so it’s important to have regular service performed on your well.
  • Environmental protection: As the groundwater levels drop from well use, salt will begin to accumulate and dry out your soil. As this happens, the quality of your soil is reduced, which can cause major concerns for nearby vegetation or crops. Another concern for well owners is methane migration, a process in which a methane-contaminated well causes oxygen to become displaced, which can lead to a potential explosion. Both of these environmental problems can have significant negative implications, but regular water testing and well maintenance will reduce the risk of these things occurring.

At Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC, we understand how important it is to take care of regular well maintenance in Monroe, NC. That’s why we have been providing our customers with reliable well and pump services for over 50 years. You can find out more about all of our services and capabilities by taking a look at our website or contacting us by phone.

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