Do I Need a Water Filter or Water Purification System in Monroe, NC?

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Are you concerned about the quality of your water? Would you like to improve the purity and taste of your home’s water? Many homeowners share this concern but don’t know if they should get a water filter or water purification system in Monroe, NC.

Which solution is best for you? The answer depends on several factors. Take the following steps to help determine which direction you should go to obtain the quality of water you desire:

  • Test your water: Start by obtaining a copy of your water quality report. This is called a CCR, or consumer confidence report. You can get this from your local water utility company. If you have a private well or are unable to obtain this report, consider having your water tested. You may be able to obtain a test kit from the health department or a home improvement store. For the most accurate results, contact a local water purification company. The results of this test will guide your decision about a water purification system in Monroe, NC.
  • Review the results: Once you have your water tested, you can decide if there are any concerns. Decide what, if any, contaminants you want to remove from your water and look for a solution that does this. Not all filters reduce or remove all contaminants.
  • Review your options: If you want a thorough solution that removes contaminants from all water sources in your home, your best bet is a water purification system. If you are only concerned with the drinking water from your kitchen tap or your refrigerator water dispenser, a single water filter may be enough. Again, check each filter’s specifications to ensure the one you use removes the contaminants you want to avoid. Generally, your options fall into two categories: point-of-use and point-of-entry systems. Point-of-use options treat the water where you use it. They include water pitchers, reverse osmosis systems and faucet filters. Point-of-entry systems include water purification systems in Monroe, NC. They treat your water as it enters your home. Water softeners, whole-house filters and UV microbiological systems fall under the point-of-entry category.
  • Contact the experts: If you have tested your water, reviewed your options and are still unsure what solution to choose, contact water purification professionals. They can assist with your water testing, help you better understand your options and make a recommendation based on your home, your water and your lifestyle. If you choose a point-of-use system, you may be able to install this on your own. If you decide that a water purification system is the best option, these professionals can assist with the purchase and installation of the best equipment for your setting.

At Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC, we offer in-depth knowledge of water filtration. Our experienced experts can help you decide if you need a water filter or water purification system in Monroe, NC. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started. We offer free estimates and free water testing. Reach out to our team today!

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