Is Your Water Well Contaminated?

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The EPA offers health standards for water quality in the U.S. However, the regulations this agency puts in place are to protect public drinking water systems. If you own a private well on your property, it’s up to you to maintain your water storage tanks in Monroe, NC and ensure your water is safe to consume.

How can you make sure your well maintenance in Monroe, NC is up to par? Watch for the following signs that your system has been contaminated:

  • Coliform count: Coliform bacteria are found in soil, on plants, in surface water and in the digestive systems of animals. You can test the “total coliforms” in your water to judge its quality. The coliforms themselves do not make you sick, but they are an indicator of the overall level of viruses, parasites and bacteria in the water.


  • pH level: The pH level lets you know how basic or acidic your water is. If not properly balanced, the water could damage pipes and make you sick. A pH level that is too high or low typically changes the appearance and taste of your water, so have it tested if you think your water seems “off.”


  • Nitrate level: Nitrates come from wastewater, polluted storm water, fertilizers, animal waste and decaying plants. While they are naturally found in many foods, a high level of nitrates in your water can be dangerous. Drinking this water can make you sick. It’s important to always test the nitrate level in your water storage tanks in Monroe, NC to ensure it meets EPA standards.


  • Strange smells: Does your well water have a strange odor, taste or murkiness? A change in your water’s smell or appearance can indicate your water treatment systems in Monroe, NC have been contaminated. Always have water checked by a professional if you notice these changes. They can indicate something as simple as dirt in the system or the presence of harmful levels of metals or chemicals in the water.


  • Big bills: If your electricity bill suddenly skyrockets, your water storage tanks in Monroe, NC may need maintenance. The pump may be worn out or clogged with dirt or bacteria. You may also need to replace the check valve. If this is not working properly, water from the pressure tank streams back down into the well, which causes the pump to run nearly non-stop. The result is an inflated energy bill.


  • VOCs: Volatile organic compounds are fuel-related and industrial chemicals that pose a health threat at high levels. These include benzene, carbon tetrachloride, methyl tertiary butyl ether and toluene. You may not need to check for all of these VOCs to see if your water treatment systems in Monroe, NC are contaminated. The EPA offers information on which VOCs are potential threats by region.

How is your well maintenance in Monroe, NC? Are you confident your system is clean, clear and safe to use? To keep your water system healthy, contact an experienced technician to perform an inspection of your tanks and test your water at least once a year. This professional service will keep you informed and provide peace of mind as you fill your drinking glass.

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