What Is a Drilled Well?

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There are a number of reasons why you may be considering investing in the services of a qualified water well contractor. Drilled water wells can provide clean, safe water to residents of rural communities, and allow for continuous access to a large amount of groundwater.

Drilled wells are, at their most basic, holes that have been bored into the ground for the purpose of extracting water. The upper part of the well must be lined with casing so as to avoid cross contamination of any kind. The casing also prevents the well from caving in, and houses the pumping mechanism.

Water well contractors in Monroe, NC have a variety of means that they can employ to successfully create a drilled water well. There are several things that you should consider, however, before deciding if a drilled well is right for you:

  • Amount of water needed: Before procuring the services of a water well contractor, you will first need to determine the amount of water that you are expecting to draw from your well. The volume of water that you will be taking out of the ground plays an important role in the construction of your drilled water well.
  • Depth needed to drill: The depth that you will need to drill to in order to have a functioning water well is dependent on a variety of factors. Your geographic location will largely determine how deep you must drill in order to hit groundwater, though other factors, such as the solidity of the topsoil in your area, may also play a role. The best way to estimate how deeply your water well contractors will need to bore is to ask neighbors and local authorities for reference points.
  • Local permits and regulations: The permitting and regulatory process surrounding a new drilled water well can be confusing. Working with a properly qualified water well company, however, can help make this process substantially easier. Water well contractors in Monroe, NC are familiar with the local regulatory guidelines, which can vary from town to town and county to county.
  • Deciding the pump size: The size of your water well’s pump is directly related to two things: the well’s yield and the amount of water that you need to draw from it. If you have a high-yield well, the pumping process will be substantially easier, and you can get by with using a smaller, more energy-efficient pump. If you live in an area with a deeper water table or are planning to use large amounts of water, however, you will probably be better served by a larger pump.
  • Where to drill: Both the lay of your property and local permitting guidelines will probably determine where you end up drilling your water well. Some jurisdictions require that wells be placed a certain distance from highways or natural features, like rivers. Your water well company in Monroe, NC will also want to identify a flat, accessible area on your property for drilling.

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