Avoid Water Well Repair in Monroe, NC by Following These Five Rules Before You Buy

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Making the wrong home purchase decision can lead to expensive water well repair in Monroe, NC. People who’ve never lived in a home on well water often overlook vital details that could render the well and septic systems unsanitary. Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC encounters unfortunate situations sometimes when providing water well services. If you want to avoid these scenarios, here are five rules to follow when considering homes with well systems:

  • You should be able to find it: Wells and septic systems should be well-marked. This helps with maintenance and makes it easier to monitor them. Wells are marked with a six-inch diameter pipe with a bolted cap sticking one foot above the ground. Septic systems should be marked with a plastic cap, and if the ground around it is much wetter than in other places, do not buy the house. Even if the current homeowner believes this is a natural condition, trust us when we say it is not. That is often the first sign of imminent failure.
  • Check for minimum acreage: Homes with well and septic systems must sit on at least two acres. That allows enough space if the system must be replaced in the future. Since systems fail eventually, you want to be ready for this possibility. Also, well and septic systems on smaller plots tend to be too close together, and the soil does not have time to apply the proper filtration. This risks well contamination and unsanitary conditions.
  • Get a date on the latest well drilling: If the well was drilled before 1992, do not purchase the home unless you are prepared to replace it. There are wells that last for decades; however, 20 years is considered the ideal maximum. After this amount of time, well pumps are likely to leak and failure becomes inevitable. You do not want to be without water in the dead of summer, so ask about installation dates. Septic systems also have a maximum lifespan of 20 to 30 years, so ask about a date on that, too. While well failure is quite the ordeal, septic failure is often a property owner’s worst nightmare!
  • Assure proper layout: There needs to be adequate space between the septic system and well. Even if you meet the minimum acreage, poor design can still place these systems too close together. The well head should be 100 feet away from the septic drain field, and the drain field should be at least 50 feet away from the corner of the house. Newer systems show location with a plastic drain valve, but an older one may have a buried valve. If you cannot find the drain valve, ask the homeowner or real estate agent.
  • Test the water before your offer: If you love the house and want to make an offer, test the water first. Test results reveal whether the well has been contaminated, and if so, that often indicates the possibility of septic failure. Unless you want to deal with a very expensive problem, do not make an offer if tests reveal contamination.

For water well repair and water well services in Monroe, NC, contact Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC today.

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