Understanding the Basics of Well Water Testing in Monroe, NC

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If you own a well for your home or business, you probably know how critical it is to have your well water tested for contamination and bacteria. Unhealthy well water can lead to health concerns and illness when it is consumed. In order to avoid these issues, you should have routine well water testing in Monroe, NC performed to assess the condition of your water.

Common well contaminants

Water well testing checks for a variety of potential contaminants, including bacteria and chemicals that could corrupt your water. A couple of the most common well contaminants are nitrates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). High levels of nitrates can occur in water wells as a result of contamination from waste systems. When a significant level of nitrates is present in drinking water, it can make people sick. VOCs, associated with industrial and chemical contamination, can also lead to health concerns when they are present in drinking water.

Signs that you should test your water

There are several things that you should look out for to determine if it’s time to have your water professionally tested. If you notice any of these indicators, make sure to contact an expert in well water testing in Monroe, NC right away. Waiting to address potential water quality issues could cause illness and other issues:

  • A noticeable change in water quality: Changes in the color, smell or taste of your water are indicative of potential contamination.
  • Issues with nearby wells: If other water well owners have been noticing issues with their water, it is likely that your well may have similar issues. Always pay attention to local news and announcements having to do with water quality, and get your water tested if there have been signs of contamination in local sources of well water.
  • Circumstances that could cause contamination: Flooding, land disturbances and the presence of waste near your well are all factors that could lead to contamination and a decrease in water quality. If any of these circumstances occur near your well, it is a good idea to have your water tested to be sure that it hasn’t been contaminated in any way.
  • Changes to your well system: If any part of your well has recently been repaired or replaced, your well water should be tested to ensure that it is working properly and maintaining the quality of your water.

Professional well water testing in Monroe, NC

When it comes to the quality of the water in your well, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and to choose a professional well contractor to help test your well water. Professionals can administer the test and help interpret the results so that you can understand the exact condition and quality of your water and ensure that it remains clean and safe to drink. The team of professionals at Love Well & Pump Supply, LLC can assist you with all of your water well needs, including maintenance, part installation, pump repair and water quality testing. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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